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Shevly river (Chevli).
The source of the Shevli river is located on the Stanovoi Range, from which it flows in the North-East direction and after 150 kilometers going to the Uda river.
The Shevli River is located in the Khabarovsk Krai (Tuguro-Chumikan District).
Although the river is mostly flat in nature, but there are simple shivers and rifts on it.
The taimen fish is main attraction of the Shevli river.
Taimen is the dream of every fisherman.
Catching taimen will not be easy, despite the fact that there is a lot of it on the Shevli river. Taimen is a worthy adversary.
In addition to taimen, lenok, grayling, chum salmon, pink salmon and others fishs.
Uda river.
The Uda River flows in the north of the Khabarovsk Krai, originates on the northern slopes of the Dzhagdy Range, going to east and flows into the Sea of ??Okhotsk.
The river has long been famous for the abundance of fish; salmon spawns from the sea into it.
Despite the fact that the river is located in the Khabarovsk Krai, it is easier to get to it from the Amur Region.
Fishing on the Uda River is an interesting type of outdoor activity.
Due to the inaccessibility and non-population, unique sizes of taimen are found on this river, grayling, lenok, whitefish and other fishs.
Maya river.
The Maya River is a river in Khabarovsk Krai and Sakha republic.
It is a right tributary of the Aldan River of the Lena basin.
The length of the river is 1,053 kilometres. The area of its basin 171 km2.
The Maya River freezes up in late October and stays under the ice until May.
The river is navigable up to 500 kilometres upstream from its river mouth.
In the Maya river there is a fish taimen, lenok, grayling.
Amur river.
The Amur River flows through the territory of three states: Russia, China and Mongolia.
The Amur River lasts about 3,000 km along the state border between Russia and China.
About thirty different nationalitys live here.
The name of the Amur River is translated from the Tungus-Manchu language as ak “the big river”.
By the Amur river and its tributaries to the head of the taiga rivers are the spawning of anadromous salmon.
It is here that the largest sturgeon in the world is still found.
The endemic of the Amur River is Kaluga fish, the weight of which can exceed a ton.
You can cach other local fish in the Amur River.
We wish you a successful fishing.
Zeya river.
Zeya River Area 2,420 km2
The greatest depth is 34 meters.
On the Zeya River is the Zeya reservoir - a dam on the Zeya River in the Amur Oblast of Russia.
The reservoir extends upstream from the Zeya hydroelectric power station in the city of Zeya, for 40 kilometers within the Tukuringra ridge, it is a narrow body of water with a gulf that forms at the confluence of the Zeya tributaries and upstream in the Verkhneseysk basin.
The Baikal-Amur Railway runs along the northern coast of the reservoir and crosses the bay in an 1100-meter bridge near the Bomnak village Bomnak.
There are whitefish, trout, pike, Amur catfish, sturgeon and grayling in the Zeya River.
Fishing on the Zeya River will leave you a good impression for life.
Udykhyn river.
The Udykhyn River is a left tributary of the Uda River and flows into it 250 km higher from the Sea of Okhotsk.
It originates on the southern slopes of the Dzhugdyr ridge.
The course is fast, the bottom is rocky, rocky outcrops are frequent along the banks, there are rifts, several small rapids up to complexity category 2.
The length of the river is about 140 km. No one lives near the river.
Salmon do not spawn in the Udykhyn River; therefore, the fish are hungry and are always happy to catch spinners.
In the river Udykhyn there are fish taimen, lenok, grayling.